Significance Of Blades And Edge Types

Gerber blades have always been innovating in designing new and creative blade designs and Making suitable edge.
Followings are some of the blade types and their characteristics:
Carbon steel knife:
Knifes using carbon steel blade can be claimed to be quite tough. They can be edge easily without many efforts. The only problem with it is that they can react with acid in the food and get discolor at some times if used for vegetables or any acid containing things.
Stainless steel Blades:
It does not discolor but are not as hard as carbon steel. It’s mainly used in kitchen knives.
Stainless steel with high carbon blades are available offering best traits of both the blades.
Titanium blades:
It’s made from the mol of titanium and carbides. They helps knife to be lighter wear resistant, it has a tough sustainable edge. They seem to be more flexible than stainless steel but require some tasks like boning and filleting.
Ceramic blades:
These types of blades are made from zirconium oxide with aluminum oxide. They look like more delicate than steel. But they are good at edge for the longer times. If dulled, they must be sharpened by the professionals.
Gerber Legendary blade provide wide range of knives with suitable edges. Edge is also quite important for a knife to prove its utility:

Serrated edge: Can be found in some of the Gerber knives like “The Gerber 22-41534 Hinderer Rescue Knife”. Such blades are easy in operation and cheap. Due to serration edge surface on the blade helps material getting an easy cut for the hard cutting whilst slicing through and cutting it. It is also called dented o toothed blade. They are half serrated. While cutting due to serrated edge only, pointed surface area comes in the contact with the material thus the force is less divided and more pressure is exerted while cutting then fine edge.
Fine Edge: You can find several fine edge Gerber legendary blade types like mini fast draw and metolius folding drop point. Fine edge blades are smooth in operation and are generally having drop point, needle point or spear point blade (all three are e mainly designed like spine like edge at the top with different areas). It is good option for the tools for the self defense or hunting as it can easily be speared in the body of the enemy. Used by many military persons.
• While if you want a stabbing blade Tanto blade can be a best choice for you. Traditionally it was invented in Japan for the stabbing purpose only. It’s a 15 cm long spine shaped drop point blade. It can be said like a mini Japanese sword.
Blades types i.e. the metal used in the blades decide the sustainability of the blade and conclude hoe strong it can be. You can have either Gerber Fixed Blade or foldable blade. Foldable blades are movable and are generally part of the multi tools like Gerber multi tool knives